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Spring Valley Senior High School Class of 1973 classmates looking for our year book followed the wrong link from facebook. Try the year book link.

Do you have any BIZ-ness being here?

This site was started so when truly clueless business people do not like my free advice, they can pay me big bucks and then feel satisfied because they paid for the same words they could have had for free.

Then it came to provide me a place to put stuff.

What kind of stuff? Well,

  1. BIZ is still going to be that place where I can direct someone who feels advice is only worth what they pay for it. I'll give them the BIZ-ness and they will be content.
  2. COM is just one of the ways I could help COMmercial enterprises.
  3. ORG is where I can showcase things I do for family geneaology related causes, not-for-profit or charitable ORGanizations. Like:

Plug for my cousins

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