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I still use IBM PC DOS 7.0 REXX on my Windows/XP laptop. I use REXX with SPF/PC in a DOS command window. I use REXX on z/OS. I no longer show REXX code not mentioned at a SHARE presentation. So Click this url to see the SHARE presentations and code. Or email a question to me at stuff_meister @
I heard you have some computer related tips. Click this url. I will warn you that most are for the zSeries Enterprise Server.
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I was getting back into maintaining a genealogy file and searching for a long lost niece. While searching the internet with GOOGLE, my favorite search site, I stumbled into and have been working to submit some photographs of headstones I had taken as a shortcut to writing down the information on them. This branched me off to start trying to do an entire cemetery. I have completely photographed the Veteran's Cemetery, Gary Onderdonk, which is surrounded by Rockland Community College in Suffern, New York. I need to upload them. Just North of that is an old cemetery that was mostly cleared so I photographed all but about two headstones buried in a thicket. And just South is a County Cemetery.

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